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    By user, we mean an individual or business or organization which is legally registered and operates in India or in any other country and uses and has the right to use any of the services provided by Shree Balaji services. The service that is provided by us, Shree Balaji services is based on technology enabling us to hire serviceman for finding solutions for home-based appliances and electronics via the internet and/ or mobile phones. Our services can be availed only by companies or individuals those who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Thus it is necessary that the user(s) shouldn't be a minor according to the Indian law; that is the user (s) must at least be 18 years old in order to be eligible to avail any of it services. We advise our users that while they access the website, they must always follow the rules. We are not responsible for any possible consequences which are caused due to your behavior during the use of the website. We can refuse to provide our services at any point of time to anyone.


    This agreement is applied to all user(s) who are visitors, registered as free or paid users and are accessing the website for any purpose. This is also applicable to any legal entity which is being represented by you under apparent its actual authority. Users can use this website for only their own personal purposes. this agreement is applicable to all services provided by Shree Balaji services that are provided by us on the website, collectively with any additional terms and conditions that might be applicable only on certain services provided by us. In cases, if any conflict arises, the provisions of terms and conditions stated above shall prevail


    Shree Balaji services can change, modify, update or amend the above agreement from time to time without providing any prior notice to the user(s). The updated agreement shall be enforced immediately. If any user isn't willing to adhere the new changes, they may choose to discontinue the services. If any user continues to use our services even after the change, it will mean they accept our changes. Thus we suggest our users go through the terms and conditions thoroughly and regularly.


    If any user is using our platform, it is necessary that they are 18 years or above so that you are eligible to form a contract. Further, we expect you to represent us with true, accurate and present and complete information regarding yourself while you are registering yourself on our website. In cases where false information is given or we have any reasonable basis to suspect that the information provided is false, we have all the rights to terminate or delete your account at any time. We are not liable for any act or commission which arises from the inaccurate information which is provided by you. When you register yourself on our website, you will be required to provide us with your valid phone number. Once you register, you are registering yourself to receive messages related to our services or packages. If we do so, you always have an option to opt out of our services. If you are a registered DND number, then you will not receive any updates from us.


    Shree Balaji services as all the rights to collect user data which include name, contact information and other details in order to facilitate services. All the information that we collect from the users is on a bonafide basis. Any misuse and misrepresentation of contact or identity details will lead to termination or suspension of a user account without any prior notice. Accounts wherein contact number and email details are required, they are created and owned by three Balaji services. any promotional discounts, reward points and offers can be accumulated in users account without in prior notice.


    Shree Balaji services are the only owner of all the rights to the website and even all the software created to provide you with our services. We provide you with a single limited license to download, access and use of the website for the limited purpose of using services. The license is specifically personal, in exclusive and nontransferable. All the content present on our website which including, but is not limited to, layout, designs, text, images, sound, graphics, video, logos, software, etc and any other content are the exclusive and sole property of Shree Balaji services.